Bahast Bahjat
Bahast Bahjat
A computer is like air conditioning - it becomes useless when you open Windows - Linus Torvalds , CEO & Co-Founder Boewa, CEO & Founder ALBITE LTD, CEO & Founder CodeCanva, CEO & Founder Wassup
Welcome Aboard! 😇

My name is Bahast Bahjat and i'm a Advanced Laravel Developer from Sulaymaniah, Iraq.

Having perfected laravel, Ui & Ux, Mysql among other aspects of software development, i would like to say i'm very well detailed and spoken for in my field.

  • All my courses are free! (I will post it here later)
  • Sometimes I will share my codings as an source code project.

You can contact me via my social links.

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Bahast Bahjat


You can also reach out to me through any of my social profiles






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